Gromyko Semper Rising

A great article about artist and illustrator Gromyko Semper, by Sylvia L. Mayuga in GMA Online.

The_Division_of_Eve's_apple_by_Gromyko Semper
The Division of Eve’s Apple, by Gromyko Semper


It all made sense to Gromyko now – his childhood fascination with the mythic world of Japanese manga, his abstract watercolors and surreal drawings in adolescence. They were scenes of his inner world light years from the ricefields. He was not alone when he turned his back on realistic art no longer real. It was at antipodes to this new vision of art beyond even the post-modern. The provisional word for it would be “post-post-modern,” suggests the artist Ben Tolman.

Cyberspace was a new artistic commons in altered space and time. And it had technological handmaidens in software to manipulate photos and create 3D images. Many call this magical art on the Internet “a connection to, even the fabric of, a global subconscious mind” – just the place for Gromyko Semper.


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