Five Things Charlie Sheen Can Tell Us About Being a Villain

From one of our favorites, A London City Blog, (by Emmett Spain), we learn that Charlie Sheen is good for something.

Excerpt: Ah, Charlie Sheen. The world’s most famous ass-clown. He’s not bipolar, he’s bi-winning! And what is the definition of bi-winning? Getting fired from your job, having two girlfriends, and snorting fat lines of blow with pornstars for 36 hours at a time. It’s enough to make Mick Jagger and Frank Sinatra look like droopy-eyed, armless children. Yes it is.

The media have had a field day with this. I’m having a field day with this! Creative people with autotune have been posting Charlie Sheen remixes like this one on youtube. And this one, too. It’s all been a big laugh.

But it’s also a great reminder about what makes a compelling character, and a compelling villain. Observe:

Continue reading HERE.


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