Selling short story stinkers

Tobias Buckell had the ____ [you fill it in] to repackage his short story rejections into a collection, and sell them. Professor Beej writes a review of that book, Nascence.

Excerpt: The first story, “Spellcast”, is everything he said it was: cliched, awkward, and all around kind of bad. But I liked it and couldn’t stop reading it. I plowed through it and the next couple of stories in one sitting, and I made around a dozen notes and annotations on my Kindle about the stories and his tips on not repeating his mistakes. And, wouldn’t you just know it, I make many of the same mistakes that Tobias Buckell made. Now that I’m aware of that, and I can work on fixing them. That was just after reading the first three stories.

In the time since I was sent the e-ARC of Nascence, I have learned more about what I am doing wrong with my writing than I have in the past year of voraciously reading any writing articles, blogs, or books that I have been able to find. — Professor Beej Read more HERE.


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