James Bridle on Hauntological Futures

James Bridle is bored with nostalgia. “Of letterpress and braces and elaborate facial hair.” He’s worried about our fetishism of the past and our fear of the future, a fear that “things are slipping away.” What are the alternatives? Read his article on our haunted now and future time.

Excerpt: Hauntology is also a network effect engendered by the increasing apparent* flattening of history and time. The network, fragmented and unevenly distributed, induces a growing sense that alternative worlds are very close indeed.

( * The internet only appears to be flat, as we perceive it in two dimensions. In fact, the knowledge it embodies, because it is tied to and instantiated in time, is ever receding from us, darkening and thickening and coming apart, becoming harder to reach and harder to find. The past is intractable but loosened, suffering our gaze upon it and our endless reinterpretations of it.). Read more HERE.


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