SETI’s Gamify Competition

SETI has initiated an “epic” competition to “gamify” the SETI program and get many more people involved in searching for life out there.

Excerpt from their announcement: The primary goal of this social/scientific challenge is to help SETI empower global citizens to participate in the search for cosmic company and to help SETI become financially sustainable so it can live long and prosper. This article explains our problem and what we are looking to accomplish. We invite everyone to answer the question, “How would you gamify SETI?”.

To be more specific:

* Can we create a fun and compelling app or set of apps that allow people to aid us in identifying signals?
* Do you have any ideas to make this process a fun game, while also solving our problem, by applying game mechanics and game-thinking?
* Can we incorporate sharing and social interaction between players?
* Is monetization possible through virtual goods, “status short-cuts” or other methods popularized by social games?
* Are there any angles of looking at the problem and gamifying that we have not thought of?

Continue reading HERE.


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