The Interregnum Timeline

Ephemera with Giants Inside, by Gromyko Semper and George Teseleanu

This is turning into something, not sure what. I love it when something starts to “write itself.” I think that’s a good sign. The Interregnum Timeline in 4 Parts, by M. A. Fink. (Scroll down to 2020–2040 to begin).

Write an Adventure Novel in 3 Days

…using the Michael Moorcock system. Well, no guarantees it will be a GOOD novel, but hey, this just might work. Why bother with Nanowrimo, if you can do it in 3 days? Via
Some interesting points excerpted:

“The imagery comes before the action, because the action’s actually unimportant. An object to be obtained — limited time to obtain it. It’s easily developed, once you work the structure out.”
“Time is the important element in any action adventure story. In fact, you get the action and adventure out of the element of time. It’s a classic formula: “We’ve only got six days to save the world!” Immediately you’ve set the reader up with a structure: there are only six days, then five, then four and finally, in the classic formula anyway, there’s only 26 seconds to save the world! Will they make it in time?”
“Once you’ve started, you keep it rolling. You can’t afford to have anything stop it.”
“The whole reason you plan everything beforehand is so that when you hit a snag, a desperate moment, you’ve actually got something there on your desk that tells you what to do.”
— Michael Moorcock