Interregnum Timeline: 2056 (excerpt)

Collage, “Madame LaMorte,” by Gromyko Semper.

The following is an excerpt from M.A. Fink’s Interregnum Timeline:


The most popular “mercy” (immersive video game) is Schütze, a wild and borderline pornographic science fiction adventure involving the hypothetical aliens behind the Big Bow Triangle. Social commentator Sanray Shotaway remarks, “With continuing silence and frustration about the meaning (if any!) behind The Message, its reality has devolved into burlesque and parody.”

NASA starts construction on an orbital facility designed to build spacecraft and launch them from space. Called Nerio after the consort of Mars, it is ultimately intended to provide a platform for a manned mission to the red planet.

Nerve regeneration becomes a medical reality, albeit an expensive and time consuming one. Almost overnight, most forms of paralysis are curable.

Brazil is recognized as a major economic power, largely through its increasingly libertarian stance towards corporate industry, as well as its new-found disinterest in environmental issues – intense worldwide protests notwithstanding.

— M.A. Fink


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