Talk about surreal…

This accompanies an article: “Serious Play: The Cool Surrealism of the Modern Game Trailer,” by Steve Smith.


The Case for Surrealism in Games

The following article, “An Argument for Surrealism in Games,” from Piki-Geek.


The problem I find most troubling with realism in games, is that video games are inherently unrealistic. By definition, even, video games must adhere to some sense of absurdity. In Uncharted, no matter how realistic and convincing the characters and environments may be, the fact is that Nathan Drake can take a hell of a lot of damage, and is a little too good with every gun known to man. In Call of Duty, if realism is such a coveted aspect of the series, why does your character only bleed out of his eyes, and why is damage rarely permanent? The “game” part of these games keeps them from being truly realistic, and in turn makes them even less believable. — Ben Gowing