Gromyko Semper x 2

Surrealist artist Gromyko Semper, who illustrated M.A. Fink’s The Found Diary of Avery Alexander Myer,  has a solo show on exhibit at Blanc Gallery in Makati, Manila.  Semper has teamed up with an American postmodern poet, William Nace; their theme is “Spectres of Mnemosyne.”

Semper’s “exhibition creates a series of new private icons whose feet nonetheless rest on the ground. “I made them look like icons but I took off the halo they should have had I wanted them to be ‘fernal’, as opposed to infernal, that is to say of this world and part of it.” He builds his new alternative icons instead of scolding old ones, engineering a new democracy of iconographies, which democracy and vouching for the private memory could be the better weapon against any iconography’s bigotry and consequent authoritarianism. Semper sees these icons as portraits of our respective selves as physical figures of vanity for social consideration and awe but of our respective inner selves as “mnemosynes” of honesty “ (Leo Plaw, Fantastic Visions).

Semper’s work will also be featured with other important 21st century surrealist artists in the International Surrealism Now exhibit, hosted by Keith Wigdor in Lisbon Portugal, September 2012.

“Add to this his prodigious work ethic, and we recognize in Gromyko Semper an artist who does not play games with his time. These are not tricks of craft, but deliberate, passionate and ever-flowing assaults on the mundane. Gromyko sings to us that the entire human experience is ours to drink, all history is now ours to bathe in, all visual textures of heightened complexity are ours to feed upon. As viewers, we cannot help but take his outstretched hand” (John Paul Thornton, Style RPA).

Spectres of Mnemosyne can be viewed until June 24th at:

Blanc Gallery Makati
Unit 2-E Crown Tower
107 HV dela Costa St.
Salcedo Village, Makati City

+63 920-9276436


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