David Brin at Kepler’s

Back from a visit to Kepler’s Books in Menlo Park, to see David Brin, who gave a very lengthy and fun talk about (among other things) his new novel, Existence. The audience was fun, too — a lot of IT and bookish types—who asked a lot of interesting questions. Actually Brin talked about a lot more than the novel—passionately and often amusingly discussing topics including the Fermi paradox,  love, competition, libertarianism, liberalism, Adam Smith, “The Fifth Element” (film), the possibility of life in outer space, dolphin intelligence, and even Kevin Costner! I’ve only read the first of his uplift novels, Sundiver, but the friend I went with has read many of them. I’m definitely ready to read more, now. Here is the official trailer for the novel:

See also:

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