Vectorpark: Strange New Worlds


“Touch and Go,” an article by Bill Kartapoulous, describes “the strange, subtle, online games” created by Patrick Smith, aka Vectorpark. What — no “winning”? Read about it HERE.


Smith’s work speaks in a playful, mysterious visual language that has emerged from his explorations in painting, sculpture, and drawing to yield a new kind of interactive art. As a high school student in the early 1990s, Smith made drawings and collages influenced by artists such as Francis Bacon and Joseph Cornell. At Washington University, his paintings proceeded from actual still lifes to imagined still lifes of toylike images. For his thesis, he leapt from painting to sculpture. Building the fanciful three-
dimensional objects he had already been painting seems, in retrospect, like a logical step, but Smith also wanted to avoid the historical baggage of painting. “I get kind of overburdened working in a medium where there’s a history to it and expectations,” Smith says. “So I wanted to break and get directly to this language.”

Read more at Touch and Go
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