“How George Takei Conquered Facebook”

Portrait of George Takei by Jessica Randklev, News Tribune, 3/30/2012

George Takei is one helluva popular guy. If you follow him on Twitter, you know that he’s witty and has a great sense of humor. Then of course, there’s all that Star Trek Stuff. Alex Knapp has written an interesting article and interview with Takei for Forbes: “How George Takei Conquered Facebook.” Takei also gives us his lowdown on the pros and cons of using Facebook.


I think the serenity at the heart of the Buddhist philosophy has allowed me to combat injustice and inequality with a certain level of patient perspective. It’s so necessary to engage those who would seek to oppress you, and to extend to them a hand in our common humanity. That’s the philosophy I try to maintain on the Facebook page–with a few adorable and irresistible cat pictures, of course.

See also:
* “George Takei finds new success in activism, social media,” Craig Sailor, News Tribune
* “Facebook Addiction?” (Psychology Today)
* Facebook addiction test (the Bergen scale)


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