Fire in the Sky – Twice

Well, hey — nothing can make you feel like you’re living in an alternative reality faster than a meteor blasting through the atmosphere, rattling your windows, and injuring over 500 people. As you’ve probably heard already, this happened in Siberia today. The New York Times has a report with some good video HERE.

The meteor is not related to the large asteroid passing earth later today, by the way. To watch the asteroid D14’s flyby live this afternoon (2:25 EST), see Science Friday’s NASA Stream HERE, or Clay Center Observatory’s webcast HERE.


Wordcount Podcast #27 – “Mistaken Identity at the Pub”

If you take your stories aurally, this week’s Wordcount Podcast is a good one–five stories based on the theme “Mistaken identity at the pub.” The Wordcount Podcast always features a variety of strange, sexy, weird, and arresting tales.

Host: R. B. Wood

Guests this week include Bill Kirton, Angelica Dawson, M. A. Fink, M. Holder and the always erotic Eden Baylee.

Check out the podcast HERE