Quantum Gravity Takes Singularity out of Black Holes

Entry point to another universe? Maybe. Well, I’m a Farscape fan, so the idea is intriguing, although I don’t expect to encounter any Tavlek Traders anytime soon. Read the article, here: “Quantum gravity takes singularity out of black holes.” By Katia Moskovich in New Scientist.


“How George Takei Conquered Facebook”

Portrait of George Takei by Jessica Randklev, News Tribune, 3/30/2012

George Takei is one helluva popular guy. If you follow him on Twitter, you know that he’s witty and has a great sense of humor. Then of course, there’s all that Star Trek Stuff. Alex Knapp has written an interesting article and interview with Takei for Forbes: “How George Takei Conquered Facebook.” Takei also gives us his lowdown on the pros and cons of using Facebook.


I think the serenity at the heart of the Buddhist philosophy has allowed me to combat injustice and inequality with a certain level of patient perspective. It’s so necessary to engage those who would seek to oppress you, and to extend to them a hand in our common humanity. That’s the philosophy I try to maintain on the Facebook page–with a few adorable and irresistible cat pictures, of course.

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How to Traverse Terra Incognita

A new eBook of speculative fiction by Dean Francis Alfar: How to Traverse Terra Incognita

How to Traverse Terra Incognita is Dean Francis Alfar’s second collection of short fiction. An advocate of the literature of the imagination, he publishes the annual Philippine Speculative Fiction anthologies.

“Dean Francis Alfar’s stories contain fantastic worldbuilding, crisp prose, and contemplative, poignant storytelling. Several of these stories made me cry. If you aren’t reading Alfar yet, you should be.”
– Hugo Award winner Lynne M. Thomas, Editor-in-Chief, Apex Magazine

“Dean Francis Alfar is one of the most inventive writers of speculative fiction today. It’s criminal that his often playful, sometimes serious, gloriously literate tales aren’t better known around the world. Although he’s a very different writer, his lyrical style seems to me to make him a Ray Bradbury for the 21st century.”

– John Grant, Joint Editor of The Encyclopedia of Fantasy, and author of Warm Words and Otherwise: A Blizzard of Book Reviews and many others

David Brin at Kepler’s

Back from a visit to Kepler’s Books in Menlo Park, to see David Brin, who gave a very lengthy and fun talk about (among other things) his new novel, Existence. The audience was fun, too — a lot of IT and bookish types—who asked a lot of interesting questions. Actually Brin talked about a lot more than the novel—passionately and often amusingly discussing topics including the Fermi paradox,  love, competition, libertarianism, liberalism, Adam Smith, “The Fifth Element” (film), the possibility of life in outer space, dolphin intelligence, and even Kevin Costner! I’ve only read the first of his uplift novels, Sundiver, but the friend I went with has read many of them. I’m definitely ready to read more, now. Here is the official trailer for the novel:

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