Steve & Steve / Prelude

Steve & Steve / Prelude: Electric Funeral. A graphic novel by Patrick Sean Farley.


Want to read a short, compelling, fantasy novel?

M.A. Fink has written a short fantasy novel (something I think would especially appeal to gamers), illustrated with drawings by Filipino surrealist artist Gromyko Semper.  The length is about 48,000 words, and each chapter in the story represents a single entry in a mysterious and increasingly bizarre diary. He is looking for genre-published authors to read the manuscript and—if you like it (and I think you will)—to write a short blurb for the back coverl (he already has one blurb, but would like one or two more).  Contact me through “comments” on this blog if you are interested, and I’ll send you a reader’s copy. THX


Selling short story stinkers

Tobias Buckell had the ____ [you fill it in] to repackage his short story rejections into a collection, and sell them. Professor Beej writes a review of that book, Nascence.

Excerpt: The first story, “Spellcast”, is everything he said it was: cliched, awkward, and all around kind of bad. But I liked it and couldn’t stop reading it. I plowed through it and the next couple of stories in one sitting, and I made around a dozen notes and annotations on my Kindle about the stories and his tips on not repeating his mistakes. And, wouldn’t you just know it, I make many of the same mistakes that Tobias Buckell made. Now that I’m aware of that, and I can work on fixing them. That was just after reading the first three stories.

In the time since I was sent the e-ARC of Nascence, I have learned more about what I am doing wrong with my writing than I have in the past year of voraciously reading any writing articles, blogs, or books that I have been able to find. — Professor Beej Read more HERE.